Why Buying a GPS Watch Phone is Better than Buying a Cell Phone

Although most of the people at the present time have a cell phone in their pockets, when it comes to a GPS watch phone then truly it can bring its own amazingness with ease. A GPS watch phone can be the best thing to have because watches are never going to be out of trend, and you can easily carry these out in the best possible way. Although mobile phones are important to have but for many reasons, you may want to consider buying a GPS watch phone before buying your child a cell phone. Especially when it comes to comfort, nothing can beat the importance of having a GPS watch phone at that time. Well, if you want to know about why a GPS watch phone can be a preferable option to having then you must know the following reasons.

Why buying a GPS watch phone is better than buying a cell phone

If you want to know why a GPS watch phone is a better option, then knowing about the following reasons is surely going to be beneficial for you in this regard.

Cost-effective solution to have

A GPS watch phone is a cost-effective solution to have as compared to cell phones. Even more, you can enjoy most of the mobile phone’s features in a GPS watch phone by paying a lot less than a cell phone in the best possible way.

You do not have to hold your phone all day long

Well, for most of the people it is hard to keep the mobile phone in hands all day long, especially for a young child. Therefore, for the ones who want to keep a mobile with them but do not want to hold a phone in hands, having a GPS watch phone can be the most amazing option to have. The GPS watch phone is a standalone device, meaning there is no need to tether the device using Bluetooth connectivity for it to function. This is a true wearable, and you can comfortably wear the GPS watch phone on your wrist practically unnoticeable.

You can track plenty of useful data with ease

A GPS watch phone is providing amazing features through which you can track important data with ease. It contains a microphone, a camera to record the things effectively and even the GPS system can help you to keep track of the locations you have visited. Furthermore, fitness apps will also help you to keep track of your daily activities with ease. A GPS watch phone is wearable because of which you do not have to carry any extra gadget with you to track your activities at all.

You can add style to your look

The most important benefit of having a GPS watch mobile is that it can help you enhance your overall look in an effective way. Wearing a watch is an evergreen trend and can give you an elegant look with ease.

Although smartphones are the most important need of the present time but containing a GPS watch phone has its own perks which you can never avoid.  

Broken Screen on a mobile phone

Cons for Buying a Mobile Phone for your Child

  • The Average Mobile Phone cost $360 to $1000
  • Monthly cost averages from $40-$100
  • Break easily and is costly to fix
  • Easily misplaced
  • A cell phone makes your child more prone to bullying
  • Your child may not be responsible enough for a cell phone
  • Cell phones can be very distracting from more important events in a child’s life, such as using their imagination
  • Children can also receive calls from anyone who has their number

Pros for Buying a GPS Watch Phone for your Child

  • The average cost ranges from $25 to $300
  • Monthly cost ranges from $5-$50
  • The device is attached to the wrist which makes it less accessible to damages
  • Not easily misplaced
  • Parents or Guardians controls who the child can call and who calls the child within a mobile app
  • Helps teach children responsibility and development
  • GPS Watch Phones is specifically designed for safety