Welcome to our new website!

We’re celebrating with a sale! Save $15

Today, we are announcing the launch of our new website. To celebrate, we are running a sale on the iGPS Wizard Watch Phone, now through the end of March 2019. You’ll save $15 off the first iGPS Wizard Watch Phone in your shopping cart. Instead of $119.95, you’ll only pay $104.95. If you buy more than one watch, you will also receive our normal $20 discount on each additional watch.

The iGPS Wizard Watch Phone is a cellular and GPS enabled wearable device. Perfect for kids 3-13 years old. They will love the vibrant colors, and the friendly touch screen interface. Parents love knowing they can give their children freedom to explore the world, without the stress and worry of wondering if they’ll be safe.

The iGPS Wizard Watch Phone now comes in five great colors:

iGPS Wizard Watch comes in five fun colors.

All five colors include the same great features that parents and children love, including:

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • GPS Geo Fencing
  • Voice & Text Messaging
  • Device Removal & SOS Alerts
  • Take Me Home Mapping
  • Two-Way Voice Calling
  • and much, much more.

Combined with our free iOS/Android app, parents have full control of the device. They can rest assured that they will know where their child is, how to reach them, and that they are safe and protected.