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Explore the Best Learning Apps for Kids

We’ve all been there; you need to get some things done, but you don’t want to plop the kids down in front of the TV or hand them an iPad game again. Well, there’s a solution for those tricky days full of time at home: learning apps for kids.

These award-winning educational games can put a fresh spin on screen time. You can feel good about indulging your kids with more screen time when they’re not zoned out on mindless games. You can find a wide variety of apps that fit your child’s interest, so it’s simply a matter of finding a good fit for your kid.

Turn screen time into school time with the best learning apps for kids.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy for Kids is kind of like Trivia Crack – except more educational. It’s free (yes, even without ads!) and helps kids learn by keeping them engaged with fun activities. The app offers printables, interactive stories and lessons, and even a weekly planner if you want to use it as part of your homeschooling or summer school curriculum. This is one of the best e-learning apps for kids that’s sure to have them learning something new every day.

Moose Math

If math’s not your child’s strong suit, Moose Math can help give them a little boost. This app helps younger and school-age children learn the basics of addition, subtraction, and geometry. As they progress through the app, they earn rewards for successfully completing each level. Those rewards add up and kids can use them to customize their hometowns. Plus, there’s a built-in report card that can help parents and teachers keep an eye on progress.

Little 10 Robot

The Little 10 Robot app suite is an award-winning set of app-based games for kids that teaches everything from shapes and geometry to reading and writing. The fan-favorite Goodness shapes app is one of the best learning apps for six-year-olds that teaches them about basic shapes, colors, and patterns. 

Number Run

If your kid loves Temple Run, then they’ll love Number Run. Number Run is the educational alternative to its cousin Temple Run and puts a fun twist on learning math. This is one of the best learning apps for middle schoolers because it goes beyond just basic addition and subtraction. It includes “lessons” on multiplication, division, and even double-digit addition. There are 50 levels, which means this one will keep them busy (and learning) throughout the summer.

PBS Kids Play and Learn Science

A tried and true classic, PBS Kids Play and Learn is one of the best iPad science apps out there. Need to keep those middle schoolers busy this summer? This is the perfect learning app for middle school students. Kids can do all of those fun, science-y experiments at home, but without all the mess – or the crowded science museum. It’s completely free and has virtually endless amounts of edutainment. Let your kids explore the solar system and make it a summer they’ll never forget.

Conclusion: Make Learning Fun with the Best Apps for Learning Something New Everyday

Summer staycations shouldn’t feel routine or boring. And they don’t need to be filled with a bunch of zoned-out screen time. Explore some of the best learning apps for kids to keep them entertained and educated throughout the year.