Kids Safety in School

Safety in and out of school is a real concern for parents. As children grow and explore their independent spirits, parents must allow space for development in this regard, while balancing that with the ability to watch over them to know that they are safe and not in harm’s way. Technological advancements enable you to keep an eye on your kids at a distance. A GPS Watch is an innovative way of keeping a close eye over children whilst maintaining distance and nurturing their independent spirit in and out of school. The iGPS Watch is a 3-in-1 combo of GPS locator, phone, and watch. It is designed specifically for school age kids find out more.


School Safety


As much as we’d like to think school is the safest place for kids, there are dangers lurking that you want to watch out for. An iGPS Watch Phone can keep tabs on the location of your child and allows you to stay connected with them via calling or texting. It means that in times when he or she feels unsafe or in danger, it is easy to call or text you.


  • The GPS and Geo-fencing features gives you the exact location of your child and you’re notified whenever they enter or leave the school area that you’ve set as Geo-fencing parameters. It also stores location history. This is useful when they lose something, and you want to trace where they’ve been to look for it. You also get notified whenever they change their route going to and from school that you are not aware of.
  • At times when there is danger in or outside the school, your child can call you without being noticed.

  • The iGPS Watch is designed especially for children. It comes in different colors and designs. It is discrete and looks like any children’s watch, so when an emergency occurs you get instant notification without putting your child into any further danger and can take proper action as you receive his or her SOS call or text.
  • The iGPS Watch is linked to a parent or guardian’s smartphone. You, the grandparents, aunts, and uncles can pitch-in in watching over your child.


School safety is a major concern for parents, and now you have a partner in keeping a close eye, while still maintaining a level of independence. Best of all, you can share the responsibility with other family members in case you are not available. The iGPS Watch allows you to be aware and stay informed of your child’s wellbeing in a discrete manner.