Features you will get with a GPS Watch Phone for Children

A GPS watch phone for children not only solved the safety issue of the kids but also has some amazing features. Almost all of the GPS watch phones contain amazing features which can help you track your kids to ensure their safety and can work as a smartphone too for your children. Here, we have brought some of the most amazing features which you can find for a GPS watch phone.

Most amazing features which you can get on a GPS watch mobile

If you want to know about the most amazing features which a GPS watch mobile for kids contain most commonly, then, knowing about the following features is surely going to be beneficial for you to know:

Voice and Video Calling:

A GPS watch mobile will make your kids able to communicate with you through a GPS watch phone with ease. Depending on the type of smartwatch you can also stay keep in touch with your kids through video calling option available in their watch mobiles. It allows the user to experience two-way communication in an effective way.

Text and Voice Messaging:

A GPS watch mobile will allow you to send voice or text messages to your kids when they are in school or cinema where they can’t attend your call. 

Safe Contact List to Call in an Emergency:

Parents and guardians have complete control when creating a safe contact list for the GPS watch phone. The GPS watch contact list is added by using the mobile application. These contacts can be reached by your kids at the time of need and the contacts can also get in touch with your kids at any time. 

GPS Tracker:

A GPS tracker is one of the most prominent features in a GPS watch phone through which you can easily track the location of your kids or loved one. This GPS tracker will let you get real-time location information. Even though, you can also receive the location history of your kids to get a better idea about where they were throughout the day.


This feature will let you define a location parameter. When your child or loved one crosses the location perimeter boundary limit, you will automatically get an alert on your mobile.

Panic Button to Use for an Emergency:

A GPS watch phone has an SOS panic button which can be pressed in case of an emergency situation. If your child is facing a tense situation whether he or she is feeling scared or gets lost they can push the SOS button to notify you. Once the panic button is activated, the device calls the parent or guardians mobile phone along with sending a push notification to the mobile app simultaneously. This will help you reach your child, immediately.

Removal Sensor Alert:

If someone is going to remove the GPS watch phone from your child’s wrist, you will get a notification immediately when the device has been removed.

Find my Watch:

Find my watch is an option which will help you to find the watch in case you have misplaced the watch somewhere. Once the parent or guardian activates the navigator feature, Google maps will give GPS directions where the watch is located. Activity tracker, Clock, calendar, camera, and media players are also important features which you can find for a GPS watch phone. Click HERE to find out more about the iGPS Wizard Watch feature set!