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Use A Smartphone Alternative for a Safe Summer

If the thought of putting a smartphone in the hands of your kids makes you shudder, you’re not alone. The good news you can get a smartphone alternative for your kids and tweens that walks and talks like a smartphone – but without all the apps or the internet.

For young kids and tweens, increased screen time and exposure to social media can be addictive. It becomes another piece of technology that you have to regulate. You can avoid this situation altogether with a cell phone alternative for your free-range kids that can give you peace of mind when they’re exploring on their own.

Here’s how the Wizard kids’ cell phone watch can give your kids a little bit of freedom but still make sure they’re safe.

A Smartphone Alternative with No Screen Time Required

Wondering whether your tween is ready for a cell phone? A 2020 Pew Research study found that about 78% of parents feel uncomfortable about tweens and cell phone use. So if you’re not ready to have to manage more addictive screen time with a smartphone, a kids cell phone watch can be the ideal alternative.

One main benefit of a GPS tracker watch is that you don’t have to worry about regulating screen time or social media usage. A kids’ phone watch can make calls and texts but doesn’t include all of the distracting and addictive tech that you’ll typically find in a smartphone. You won’t need to worry about setting parental controls because the Wizard Watch

Quick and Accurate Location Tracking

Do you trust the accuracy of the GPS device in your smartphone? Depending on your location, smartphone location data can be highly inaccurate. That’s exactly what you don’t need when you’re trying to locate your child. The Wizard Watch gives you real-time insight in your child’s precise location.

But this smartphone alternative is so much more than just a tracker. It can also help you manage your child remotely. The Wizard Watch app lets you set boundaries and ‘safe zones’ for your child. The app then alerts you when they wander outside of the set area. For kids with special needs, this can be incredibly important. 

In a worst-case scenario, tt can also provide step-by-step instructions to your home location if your child gets lost. Instead of having to go find them and pick them up, the Wizard Watch will safely guide them home with step-by-step instructions.

A Smartphone Alternative to Stay Prepared for Emergency Situations

Some parents decide to give their children a smartphone because they know that cell phones are good for emergencies. However, with tweens and school-age children, navigating complex technology in an emergency situation is the last thing you should worry about.

The beauty of a kids’ tracker watch like the Wizard Watch is that your children can connect with you and emergency services almost instantly. With pre-programmed numbers, they can dial you or 911 with one simple push of a button. There’s no fumbling around with a touch screen or struggling to make phone calls. 

Conclusion: Enjoy a Safe, Stress-Free Summer with the Wizard Kids’ Smartwatch

Yes, a smartwatch can replace a smartphone when it comes to keeping your kids safe. The Wizard Watch gives you the ability to connect with your kids, no matter where they are. With Summer on its way, you can relax, knowing that you can easily keep an eye on their whereabouts with a kids’ GPS watch. So put on a little sunscreen and let them get out there any enjoy that beautiful, sunny weather.