All Parents Need to Know About GPS Trackers for Kids

It is not every parent that knows what a GPS tracker is especially one for kids. Most of the older generation only know about GPS trackers in cars but technology is evolving to affect every aspect of our lives. There are so many products available in the market today that is quite possible for parents to get confused on what to choose. Here are some basics that every parent needs to know about GPS tracking.

  • The difference between Bluetooth tracking and real time tracking

As the name suggests, a Bluetooth tracker requires you to be connected to Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection can only reach a maximum of 100 feet and you will not see the Bluetooth device in real time. What you only get is the last known location. Bluetooth trackers are good for things that can’t walk like your car keys but not so for your child.

In real time tracking, the device requires the Global Positioning System, GPS, to identify the location. It also needs a cellular connection to deliver the data to your phone. Real time tracking uses cellular connection, so you are going to require some kind of data plan or subscription.

  • How GPS trackers for kids work

GPS trackers generally have a robust set of monitoring features. Trackers use GPS to obtain the location. The data is then transmitted to the cloud using a cellular network. From the cellular network, the data is delivered to the parent’s smartphone. There are some GPS trackers which are Bluetooth enabled and have Wi-Fi capabilities. Such features help to improve the general experience. Unfortunately, GPS can be tough on battery especially if you are always looking for a location in real time. This constant search is going to drain your battery so quickly. You can save on your battery if you have a tracker that gives you an option to derive location through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

  • When you should use a GPS tracker for kids

If your child commutes to school without you, then you probably need to get them a GPS tracker. If you have heard of the horror stories going around about school bus safety, you definitely don’t want to take a chance on your child’s safety.

There are times when you travel with your kids to crowded places. The safety of your kids in such places should motivate you enough to get them a GPS tracker. You can have them in front of you in one minute and the next they are gone.

When your child has a tendency to wander or elope, a GPS tracker can come in handy. Most autistic children wander a lot and without a GPS tracker, it would be impossible to track them.

Lastly, if you want your children to have more freedom during their playtime, then get them a GPS tracker to remove the guesswork on their whereabouts and safety.

Now you have a glimpse on everything you need to know about a GPS tracker. Make a move to protect your child by getting them tracked.