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10 Healthy Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Kids

Easter: it’s that time of year where your kids get to enjoy unpacking their bountiful Easter basket, filled with goodies. But maybe this year, you’re looking for some healthy Easter basket ideas for kids. 

Sure, it might sound like a tall order, but we promise it’s not that hard to accomplish. There’s a whole selection of healthy alternatives to chocolate Easter eggs. 

From sidewalk chalk to homemade bunny-shaped fruit snacks, you’re sure to find something on this list of 10 healthy alternatives to Easter candy that’s sure to delight your child.

Healthy Trail Mix-Filled Easter Eggs

We’ve talked about the importance of good nutrition in healthy brain development, so why not use Easter as a fun way to enjoy some healthy snacks

If your kid can’t get enough of cracking open those little plastic Easter eggs, then this tasty trail mix could be your go-to candy alternative for Easter eggs. 

Filled with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and even just a little bit of chocolate and popcorn, you can use this “bunny bait” to help catch that dodgy Easter bunny. You can find the whole recipe here.

Outdoor Toys

Now that the weather is finally starting to feel a little bit more Spring-y take advantage of it by filling your Easter baskets with alternative Easter basket ideas like outdoor toys.

Here are just a few great non-food Easter treats your kid will absolutely love:

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Kites
  • Jump rope
  • Toddler-sized baseball set
  • Bouncy balls or other sports balls

Bunny-shaped Healthy Easter Treats

Chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies might have been the norm in the past, but healthy Easter basket ideas are here to stay!

You can have fun with homemade healthy gift basket treats, like fruit snacks. Making bunny-shaped healthy snacks for Easter baskets is guaranteed to put your kid in the Easter bunny mood.

All you’ll need is an Easter bunny-shaped cookie cutter and the soft fruit of your choice. Watermelon and apples are perfect because they’ll hold their shape, and you can decorate them with raisins to give them little eyes.

It’s this kind of bunny-shaped food idea that can excite your child to “indulge” in a little healthy eating.

Non-Edible Gift Sets

Even if you can’t get outside, there are plenty of non-edible Easter basket ideas you can use to fill up your littles’ baskets. 

Books, playdough and even glitter glue can keep the Easter fun going all day long on the rainiest of Easters.

You can easily modify the contents depending on your child’s age. For toddlers, playdough and legos can be great alternative Easter basket ideas for kids. 

You can make a few simple modifications to make it age-appropriate for babies. Bibs, pacifiers, and teething toys are great ideas for non-edible Easter egg fillers.

Sugar-free Alternatives to Candy for Easter Baskets

It can be difficult to break with tradition. But finding Easter basket ideas with no sugar can feel pretty impossible.

Here are a few different edible, healthy Easter gift basket options for your toddlers and tweens:

These ideas go to show that you can easily find healthy chocolate alternatives for your Easter baskets.

Gift Box Easter Baskets for Tweens and Teenagers

At some point, it gets a little more tricky to find healthy basket ideas – especially when you’re filling Easter baskets for tweens or teenagers.

Here are a few ideas of healthy Easter basket fillers for the older kids:

  • Stationery and pens
  • Gift cards
  • Lip balm or makeup
  • Packable fitness gear

Give the Gift of a Healthy Easter Basket

As we become more health-conscious, it has become more important to find healthy Easter basket ideas for toddlers, babies, and older kids. 

We all adore the traditional candy Easter basket ideas, but why not mix it up a little this year with a fruit basket or other non-food gifts? You can even try one of the many homemade Easter recipes to delight your kids with bunny-shaped treats.

Whatever healthy Easter egg alternative you settle on, your kids will love opening their baskets on Easter morning.